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Prove Us Wrong!

It’s kind of funny interviewing these top leaders in the health and fitness industry on my Podcast The Persistence Factor.

They stole all our secrets lol. The exact same thing we tell our clients we work with they are also saying. I'm kidding. But it’s kinda cool that we are on the right track with our principles and philosophies based on their answers.

One thing does stand out with the 14 people I have interviewed so far. They work their butts off every single one them. But they really love what they do.

I did ask them why do so many people quit on their health and fitness goals. They all said It is the law averages. This got me intrigued so I lent forward to hear more. They went on to say, you have 30 brand new clients you are helping. In the beginning everyone of them are fired up big time and ready to crush it. They went on to say, out of those 30 people, 10 will quit in the first month (what??!!!!!), the other 10 wont do nothing and take no action (no way??!!) but the last 10 will go all in and keep grinding it out no matter what. They then finished by saying that this is just the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it so it’s not worth worrying about.

So with Jasmine and my new summer program that is almost done we are thinking of those first 30 people that may join in on Jasmine and my 30 day Total Body Transformation Challenge. 10 will quit, 10 wont do a thing and 10 will crush our program. It gets us thinking though...we want these 30 people to prove us WRONG and all 30 people just lay the smack down and get great results. You never know right? What if? Man...we have to hold that vision for them.

Troy & Jasmine :)

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