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EP 12 - Interview with Sara Fennell

“If you want something that you currently don’t have it’s going to take a different mindset.”

-Sara Fennell

Sara Fennell is no stranger to difficult times, but on today’s episode, she reveals that she knows there were lessons in it all. Now an IFBB Pro, international fitness model, and social media and marketing expert, Sara joins Troy and opens up about her personal story. From deep depression to fitness leader, Sara shares firsthand how mental strength, and consistent up leveling, impacted her journey. Tune in, to be inspired to get out of your place of suffering and run towards the vision that has grabbed hold of you. This discussion is sure to shed light on all of your growing pains.


2:24 Sara’s life and her transformation to a passion for fitness

7:38 Sara shares her lowest points and how she overcame

13:18 What persistence means to Sara and the road to getting her IFBB pro card

20:13 Handling the struggles that come along with rebranding and moving into new territories

24:44 Advice for anyone who is on the verge of quitting and the importance of coaches

28:41 The mindset/push that continues to keep Sara growing and what’s next for Sara

31:33 Sara answers insightful life questions, including maintaining fitness after leaving body building competitions

41:33 The importance of your circle and surrounding yourself with people doing better than you


Sara Fennell’s PT Profits:

Connect with Sara Fennell:

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