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EP 9 - Interview with Angie Lee

“People are attracted to people when they are in their zone of genius.”

-Angie Lee

It’s time to train your brain to think your new reality, says life coach Angie Lee. Keep it right here with Troy and Angie as they talk through ways that you can become the best version of you possible. This episode is rich with knowledge including, explaining the value in giving away today to reap tomorrow, the role of self-confidence, the law of attraction plus much more. Press play, because today’s episode will ignite you to see it, so you can be it.


8:00 Facing anxiety and solutions to wellness

16:21 Angie’s leap into entrepreneurship and why it’s important to give ‘it’ away

18:57 Drawbacks of being a CEO, the start of Wellpreneur Mastermind

22:37 Angie explains why self-confidence is vital

26:00 Getting past what others think of you, don't freak out at the comments

29:10 Using failure to fuel success

32:22 Mentors, coaches, and resources—knowing what you need to maximize performance

36:50 Organic evolution—positioning you to become different variations of yourself

40:04 The power of visualization/Law of Attraction


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