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EP 30 - Interview with James Hollingshead

“Just get active, just get productive, don't procrastinate, get moving!”

- James Hollingshead

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor Podcast is about the story of James Hollinghead. It was a pretty tough childhood for this man as he never got to meet his father. But despite being that, he never lost hope and never resort to wayward ways. In fact, he rose above his predicament and show the world that he can be the best that he can be. In this episode, Mathew shares how he finds his interest and connects with it, get passionate about it and ultimately become successful at what he loves best.


01:50 - James’ background - childhood years and his transition to bodybuilding

07:02 - His willpower and thirst for learning to become even better

10:39 - Finding his interest and connecting with it, keep moving on and taking action

16:46 - Dealing with his personal trial and still coming out to be the best that he can be, his tough training days and how he came out of it victorious

25:02- Finding purpose and reason for doing what he does and on why he compares bodybuilding to religion, the calculative suffering and purpose and benefits from it

36:01- Investing in a good mentor and how it works to our advantage

44:22- James’ thoughts on getting used to the idea of change and how it transforms him positively, his regimented life and his wellbeing regimen

01:10:07- Getting up early and how it correlates to being productive, on losing weight and how to time your eating, on glucose count and exercising

01:09:15- James’ favorite athletes and why he admires them

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