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EP 34 - Interview with Titus Unlimited

“When you think you don’t need to change, that’s a sign that you need to change.”

-Titus Unlimited

Do you want to face 2019 with a great start? On today’s episode, Troy talks with Jean Titus also known as Titus Unlimited. Titus is a life-coach, a world-class fitness trainer, and a serial entrepreneur. He shares among other things, how to live a healthy lifestyle and develop mental and physical toughness. This way you will be ready to face the world as you keep on moving and growing to achieve your dreams and your goals. Be inspired and motivated from Titus’ words of wisdom and fountain of knowledge in health and mind.


3:05 - Titus’ background and how he became a fitness icon in social media

9:43 - Realizing that he can serve and impact other people’s lives with the influence that he has on social media

12:17 - Why health means wealth, why many people aren’t getting healthier and how to live a healthy lifestyle

19:90 - How to be happy and mentally healthy plus what a day for Titus Unlimited looks like - how he prepares himself to be mentally and physically ready to face and win the day

29:36 - Titus’ advice for people who have a lot of excuses and don’t have the time to be healthy

35:15 - How to develop a healthy habit, a healthy lifestyle and how to detox your environment from negative situations and people

45:00 - The importance of knowing when a change in lifestyle is necessary to be healthy and how to handle those changes in order to achieve your goal

52:55 - Why change and continual growth is important in your life, the three factors that separate you from your goals and Titus’ definition of persistence

01:04:18 - Titus’ words of wisdom and motivation for people who are struggling and wants to face 2019 with a great start


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