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EP 43 - Discover the Definition of Manhood While Expanding Your Mind with Stefanos Sifandos

“We can use ego to hinder us, or we can actually use ego as a learning tool to expand us.”

-Stef Sifandos

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Understanding manhood has to be a top priority for those who want to develop mental toughness. In today’s culture, being a man can mean a lot of things. Today, Stefanos Sifandos will help you explore the definition of manhood.

Stef is an author, speaker, and transformative coach. He integrates western and eastern philosophies to transform lives. Learn from Stef as he unveils the incredible impact our ego has on us. He also covers marijuana, porn addictions, suicide, and more. Listen to find out how to cleanse yourself and persist through hard times.


1:26 - Ask Guvna: 4 benefits to using CBD oil and 2 warnings you need to be aware of before you head into that journey

8:57 - Your definition of a “Good Man” starts with this foundational question that will help you avoid the 2 extreme positions of manhood

22:13 - Stef reveals why integrity is one of the tools for finding your manhood and how things like porn addictions are produced through ego and familiarity

31:04 - Do you want to understand yourself and the world? Learn how your ego affects your entire perspective of life, transforming your subconscious mind

40:35 - Whether you’re approaching a challenge in life or an opportunity to enter into an extreme state of consciousness through cannabis, you’ll want to cleanse yourself the same way Stef does

50:56 - Fighting suicidal thoughts: How to daily realize the hope of life in what you have right next to you

59:37 - Should you watch TV or movies? What TV and movies do to your relationships and body

1:07:09 - Why most men are afraid to reveal some of their more “feminine” qualities such as compassion or kindness


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