This program is great for beginners. The goal of the program is to have you moving better and feeling better and of course have you feeling more confident in your own skin! 

Over the next few weeks I am going to help you build lifestyle habits that are sustainable. You will be practicing eating better, fitting workouts into your day that are do able and don't take a lot of your time, how to fit the foods you love into your nutrition, remove the burden of crash and yo-yo dieting, how to nurish your body, build a positive mindset around what health and fitness is really about and to get you EXCITED about getting healthy and fit.

This program is NOT a quick fix, crash diet or about restricting any food groups. This program gives you TOOLS and TEACHES you how to have a sustainable lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE


This 4 weeks is to give you a little kick start towards your health and fitness goals, get you moving more, eating better so that you have more energy, your mood improves, have your clothes fitting a little better, increase your confidence and can start the new year on the right path. 


I designed this program to be flexible in both nutrition and the training program.


I have made this program so easy to apply to any lifestyle that you will amazed at how you can make it fit into your busy life without feeling deprived and a slave to a program that just isn't sustainable. There is no food weighing or tracking with an apps. It's even much easier than that! I promise. 


What's included?

  • Over 60 Pages of Education and How To's
  • Appropriate for beginner to intermediate fitness levels
  • Easy to Follow Plans
  • Flexible Workout Schedules to Accomodate Your Busy Life
  • Workouts Can Be Done At Home or At The Gym (minimal equipment needed)
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Exercise Videos
  • Workout Progression Options to Keep The Progress Moving
  • 4 Week Nutrition Challenge: Eat Better, Not Less
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Guidelines Designed For Longterm Success
  • Example Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • Lifestyle and Mindset Tools
  • Plus Much More

4 Week Refresh Jump Start Program