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Our Happy Clients


One of the best decisions I've ever made, signing up with Apex physiques. I began my journey weighing 300lbs and am now weigh 230lbs. And I am not even done! Troy and Jasmine are 100% behind you and what they do. They are VERY involved with me and the APEX family. Constantly giving us new meal ideas, supplement advice and group challenges. They've designed my diet and exercise routine JUST for me and it's constantly changing with my progress. I have a full time job with a wife and 7 kids and I can do it, so can you!

- Michael P., Springfield, OR 

I started working with Apex at an unhealthy 272 pounds. I work approximately 60 hours a week and I was eating on the go at whatever fast food restaurant was near me and didn't feel like I had the time or energy to provide myself with a healthier life, but I started experiencing some medical issues which shined a light on me. Also, because of my weight, I struggled to keep up with my kids, daily activities, sleeping and I had a hard time focusing at work due to the lack of sleep and energy and my confidence level in my body was at an all time low. However, after training with Apex Physiques over the past 10 weeks, staying motivated and dedicated to the personalized nutrition and weight training program that Apex Physiques provided me which was tailored specifically to my body and my lifestyle, I have lost approximately 62 pounds, weighing 210lbs and dropping. I now am more active and able to keep up with my kids, I am sleeping more sound, I am more confident in myself and I am able to complete my work faster because I am now able to stay more focused. I can not explain the appreciation that I feel for the Apex Physiques family for the life that they have given back to me, my wife and my children. It has been a life changing journey so far and look forward to the continued progress.

- Aaron W., Springfield, OR 

I just want to take the time out to thank Apex for pushing me towards my fitness goals. I have been their online training client for six months now and I have people asking me how it works and how they need a trainer present to workout. Well it works !! I knew I had to check in every two weeks with my measurements and pictures, that alone gave me motivation to know I had to listen ! When I first started working out with Apex I could not even do a basic push-up or a burpee. Apex trainers actually care about your well being. You have access to Apex Facebook page and can message anytime with questions! Since working out with Apex my stamina has picked up, I am a lot stronger . I still have a ways to go to reach my fitness goals, but I am off to a great start, and no where near where I was and I am wearing clothes that I could not previously fit into. I use to hit the gym and think cardio was all I had to do ... Wrong .. the workouts I did showed me a new way of loving my workouts especially when you start to see results!! I feel stronger, I feel great and I love what's happening to my body and can't wait to keep going . Believe me when I say Apex is for you !! Thank you Apex and Apex family 

- Martha A., Calgary Alberta 

Troy Brown and Jasmine Perks are awesome coaches and mentors! I'm enrolled in the body transformation program. I’m getting amazing transformational results. This not only covers the physical body ,they help guide me through the mental and behavioral aspects (challenges) that go along with the transformation process. I really enjoy and benefit from their strong leadership, expertise and knowledge understanding , encouragement, inspiration , enthusiasm and excitement in what they do and in me. Jasmine and Troy have an amazing gift for this. I enjoy working with them and am excited to keep going with even more amazing results. 

- Andy K., New York, New York 

I really enjoyed my time working with Jasmine and Troy. They really listen to your needs and help you achieve your goals. They went above and beyond as coaches, much more than any other coaches I had before. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to follow their guidance and work with them. Because of their help, I look back at my wedding photos and I am very happy with what I see.


My name is Angela and I am a mother of three children 7 and under. I have always struggled with a few extra pounds here and there, but it wasn’t until my twins where I ballooned in weight gain. I started to really notice my weight gain in everyday life. The struggle of bending over to tie my shoes, running up the stairs and panting when I got to the top, and I just felt like crap. I am  now more fit and stronger than I have ever been in my entire life! I have a ton energy and can honestly say I love working out! I am still on this weight loss journey and am only half way to my goal. I am truly grateful for their continued support throughout this journey!



I have been training with Apex Physiques for approximately a year and 9 months and during this time not only has my physique changed astronomically, but my understanding and knowledge of both diet and training has as well. When I started with Apex Physiques I was coming off of a dirty bulk overweight at 5’8 200Ibs and through the years of expertise offered by Apex Physiques I was able to cut down to 160Ibs and within a year was able to cleanly bulk from 160Ibs to 187Ibs while staying healthy. Throughout the year I was able to learn a wide variety of exercises as well as techniques such as tempo training and forms that allowed me to drastically improve my physique as well as take my training to the next level, not only physically, but mentally as well. My knowledge and understanding of diet also improved as through the coaching of Apex Physiques I was taught and utilized a wide variety of techniques such as macros, clean eating, and carb cycling. These techniques allowed for diet plans and meals that not only enabled me to meet my goals but to enjoy eating as well. If you are looking to compete in bodybuilding, train for a sport, or just make a lifestyle change Apex Physiques will not only push you to achieve and ultimately surpass your goal, but will also make the process as enjoyable as possible 

- Matt D., Ajax, ON 

I’ve been working with Troy now for about 7 years, since I was in high school and saw extreme results. Something more than the results that I found was the information I was given. Troy and Jasmine want to make sure you are always comfortable, and maintains an extremely professional level of communication to allow all your questions to be answered in a timely manner. Troy Brown is a professional bodybuilder and knows all the secrets to success, and shares all of them to help you reach your desired goals. I was given every bit of information I could have ever imagined plus more; this ranges from when to workout, what to eat, quality foods to have, supplementation or anything you could want to ask. Working with Troy and Jasmine has been and will continue to be a great experience as they make it fun and exciting bringing us all together. All in all, I would suggest this to anyone who wants to start an active lifestyle, anyone who wants to get in shape to get that beach body that everyone wants, or to people who are thinking about competing and want the best advice, training, and coaching possible. 

- Steven E., Sherwood Park, AB 

Starting weight 190lbs. Current weight, 130lbs and continues to losing weight and inches 

Kelly R. Eugene, OR 

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