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My journey with Apex Physiques is much more than just a physical transformation. I was at a very low point in my life and the Apex family went above and beyond to help me mentally and physically. I never thought I would break out of the rut I was in, I never thought I would compete on stage and here I am. Apex has helped me believe and grow both mentally and physically and I thank them so much for that.

- 3r Place, Men's Physique - Matt B., Collingwood, ON

I would like to thank Apex for both of my competition plans. The meal and fitness plans were very specific to goals I had in mind. My first competition was in fitness/figure and my second was bikini, and they catered to each of those competitions individually. I was extremely happy with my results from Apex. They pushed me to levels of fitness that I never thought possible. They were always there when I questions or concerns. Thank you and I really appreciate your support.

- Amanda M., Alberta., ON

I have known Troy Brown (Apex Physiques) for over 3 years now. Troy started training me in crossfit and helped me achieve the goals that I set out for myself. Soon after, I realized I wanted to take my physique to the next level, and compete in a Fitness Bikini Competition, and knew I would need the help. Without hesitation, Troy supported my dreams. Jasmine Perks and Troy are passionate about fitness and clean eating, and making positive changes in people's lives. Troy's workouts are top of the line, and get incredible results. I've heard many athletes say, they haven't received better workout plans, from anybody else. Troy and Jasmine give their athletes programs that cater to the athlete as an individual. They have a wealth of knowledge from their personal training, education, as well as their own competing experience. It was important to Troy and Jasmine to make me physically and emotionally fit. They care and pay attention to the fine details that many other coaches miss and are always right on top of everything, making changes on a daily basis if needed. They recognize that everyone is different, and tweaked my program to fit my needs. Working with Jasmine has been amazing! The amount of information that she has taught me about clean eating and diet is not something you can read in a magazine and adapt to your body. While getting ready for my competition, she focused on every little detail that would make me succeed, from my physical well being down to my mental well being. Jasmine took an interest in me as an individual, and always saw the positive side of things and truly wanted me to succeed. From her education down to her own experience, Jasmine knows what she is doing, and is very meticulous about everything. I came to my Troy and Jasmine asking to be put on stage, and not only did they put me on stage, they helped me take 3rd place! They know their stuff! Troy and Jasmine had me more than stage ready. I'm excited to have them take me to my first National competition, and I know without a doubt, they will have me ready to compete at a national level.

- National Level CBBF Bikini Competitor - Deanna W., Red Deer, AB

"Apex Physiques was a huge step in my advancement for bodybuilding, nutrition and general health and well being. For most of my young adult life I "spun my wheels" like most anyone else thinking that the training in the gym was the most important part of the body's development. I thought that if I trained hard I would be rewarded with the body and health of ones dreams. I basically trained for years and made very little change after the typical first 6 months anyone else does with a training regime. I realized a number of years ago (2002) when I started with my first trainers that the body and health I was searching for is the result of a combination of strict nutrition and training and that you could not achieve results without both, most importantly the nutrition. With my original trainers I achieved results and competed in a couple of amateur bodybuilding shows but after a very disappointing placing in 2010 I decided I needed a change in method for my body, during this period I saw the athletes that were winning and wondered what they were doing differently. This is where I met Troy Brown. Watching the provincial and national level shows I noticed the difference in the athletes that were winning and Troy Brown of Apex Physiques name was tied to many of them at that time. I decided to meet Troy and have never regretted that moment. My wife I first signed up to lose some body fat for our own health and to have a great look for a destination wedding, of which I can say the two of us looked and felt great. The nutrition change and training compared to my previous coaches and my own learning was amazing. I chose to continue with them and in 2012 I decided that I had progressed significantly and felt it was time to test this by getting back on stage, I won first place in Men's Middleweight bodybuilding that year and carried on to the Provincial level with a fabulous physique and a third place trophy. I am 41 now and the most significant changes to my body and health occurred from the age of 32 - 41 with the greatest changes starting with Troy's guidance, the 16 years previous was me thinking I knew what I was doing and honestly getting nowhere. Although the show placings meant a lot to me the most important part is the work that is performed away from the stage, you do not need to participate in bodybuilding competitions to have a great figure and remain in good health. My off season training was regimented to keep me looking and feeling great without the hardship of a show preparation diet. Yes, there will be changes in how you eat and exercise but these changes become a habit very quickly and the unhealthy habits become undesirable, this is the true change in our life and my wife, child (yes even our child eats healthy and appreciates good quality food with treats incorporated into one's lifestyle) and I have used the leanings from Mr.Brown for a very long time now. Whenever someone asks me how I achieved what I have I send them straight to Apex Physiques.

Ken G., Edmonton, AB.

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