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Are you looking to take your physique to the next level?

Looking to push your body to limits that you have not done before?

Are wanting to achieve your ULTIMATE physique conditioning and step on stage to compete with others? Whether you are looking to compete in the Bodybuilding, Physique, Classic, Figure, or Bikini,

division or if his is your 1st or 10th show, we can help.

Step on stage with confidence knowing you have knowledgeable coaches with experience in your corner!!!

Online Packages
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Terms Of Service:

Cancellations require a 30 day cancellation notice. If a client does not provide a 30 day cancellation notice, the client will be held responsible for making the last required payment of their plan to fulfill the 30 day cancellation policy. Apex Physiques has a no refund policy and no refunds will be issued upon cancellation. The day of  first payment will represent the beginning of your purchased service duration. Please allow 1 week for your initial program to be created. The purchased service time will remain continuous throughout the service duration. Meaning that any missed check-in’s, disruption in  communication or one takes time off from the services, time can not be banked or put on hold unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon previously between the client and Apex Physiques.

All Competition Plans Include:

For Inquiries on Packages and Pricing please contact us

  • Complete individualized nutrition recommendations for either packages (on or off season)

  • Complete individualized supplement protocol recommendations for either package (on or off season)

  • Peak week programming

  • Complete individualized training program

  • Cardiovascular recommendations

  • Bi-weekly check in (pictures, weight, measurements). More frequent updates may be required depending on what phase of prep you are in.

  • Bi-weekly feedback or more frequent feedback based phase of prep.

  • Program adjustments our discretion

  • Unlimited weekly emailing (24-48 hour response time)

  • Access to private Facebook page for Apex Physiques clients.

  • Option to travel to your show (if available). Athlete is responsible for covering 50% of coaches expenses. If more than one client is competing at the same show, expenses can be split equally amongst the group. This must be agreed upon all athletes. Please give up to 1 month's notice if you’d like us to attend your show.

Contest Prep Packages


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