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I have known Troy Brown with Apex Physiques for over 7 years. Apex physiques have been my trainers for more than 4 of those years. We have grown a great friendship together and conquered many obstacles over those years, both physical AND mental. A good trainer can give you instruction, a great trainer will get you through the mental hurdles. Apex helped me with all of it. I begin training with Apex in the winter of 2012. I decided with their recommendation that I compete in Men's physique Alberta in June of 2013. I did a great off season with them and a strict and dedicated contest prep. I absorbed everything they had to say like a sponge. Their extensive knowledge of all the little things going into the contest I really think was the reason I won my class AND won overall on my first ever show. I decided to continue to nationals that year and placed in the top 10 at a National level on my second ever show. I was definitely on a high and couldn't have thanked apex more for the attention and direction I received mentally and physically. Since becoming 'Mr. Physique Alberta 2013' I did 3 more shows and currently concentrating on my business career for the time being until I make a come back. When I do, I know Apex Physiques will be at my side and I will look the best I ever have, because every show I continued to look better than my last. It was incredible. Being reliable trainers for fast answered questions and providing mental motivation as well as little tricks that take years to know set Apex apart from the pack. Year after year with Apex Physiques I STILL learned many new things. I could tell they are constantly honing their knowledge and make sure they're not just giving you a 'cookie cutter plan' like the majority of inexperienced trainers out there provide. They are full of new and amazing techniques and guidance. There is a reason I have never gone to any other trainers. Why would I?! Apex physiques for life!!"

- National Level CBBF Men's Physique Competitor/Overall Alberta Men's Physique Champion - Rees C.  Vancouver, BC

Troy and Jasmine (Apex Physiques) were my trainers for my last two bikini shows. I used them because my husband and friends had used them with great results. I honestly can not say enough good things about the two of them. Even though my training was from a distance the knowledge, skill and training programs I received were unsurpassed. I constantly had new diet plans and training programs based on my check ins. They addressed any and all questions I had in a quick professional manner and what can I say for my 1st show with them I placed first in my class. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to do well in what they have for a goal, whether it be just for weight loss or to compete, they know they're stuff like no other's I have met. I have always said I would never hire a trainer that doesn't look in better shape than I do and look at them, you can't deny that!

- 1st Place Bikini, Northerns / 3rd Place Bikini Alberta Nationals

Angela M.  Edmonton, AB


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