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EP 5 - Interview with Travis Jones

“Disciplined execution is the key to success.”

-Travis Jones

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy sits down with Travis Jones, the founder of RBT gyms. Travis dives deep on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. He shares his stories or grit, persistence and resourcefulness that has made RBT the 10 million dollar business it is now. Also, stay tuned to hear Travis’s keystone habits that he does daily.


3:50 Travis’s beginnings in the health and fitness industry

5:45 All about Travis’s businesses

8:30 How Travis went from making $1200/mt at a gym to $8000/mt by himself in 3 weeks

13:00 Changing your limiting beliefs about yourself and your time

17:35 How Travis financed his first business

35:00 Stop looking at the dollar signs and start serving

42:36 Are your life standards keeping you from reaching your goals?

47:54 Key habits that Travis does to win his day

50:14 Make a million dollars by talking to 3 people a day

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