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EP 10 - Interview with Ben Pakulski

“My greatest obstacle, my greatest struggle became the opportunity to change the world.”

-Ben Pakulski

If I can’t, therefore, I must, a saying Ben Pakulski, founder and creator of MI40, lives by. Don’t miss today’s episode with Troy and Ben as they discuss the power in struggling, the science behind bodybuilding and how to get where you know you want to go.


8:00 The struggle that led to an enterprise

10:35 Body building is not just the outside, a look into the inside

14:35 Understanding the importance of tailoring your goals for you

18:52 Being outcome driven vs. objective focused

25:20 What body building has taught Ben and his rode to inner purpose

32:55 Ben’s take on vibrant health and longevity

41:18 What Ben has learned about parasympathetic nervous system

46:21 Ben’s chase for knowledge and mental strength

1:00:45 The value in knowing your path


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