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EP 6 - Interview with Vince Del Monte

“Stop selling. Start closing.”

-Vince Del Monte

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews Vince Del Monte, husband, father and online business coach. Vince dives deep on what he has learned about sales and building an online business. He also shares how having a business coach has really impacted his success. Also, stay tuned to hear Vince’s counseling on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your loved ones while building your business.


2:40 A lesson in sales

6:38 How Vince built his self-confidence

11:00 Developing your passion

11:25 The importance of having a coach

13:47 The effect Vince’s childhood had on his life

20:33 How to balance business, health, and relationships

25:57 Reinventing yourself

38:49 Vince’s defining moment

44:00 How many mentors do you need?

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