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EP 14 - Interview with Chris Patterson

“A lot of people think you persist when things are bad…I like to persist every day of my life.”

-Chris Patterson

Promoted by a layoff, Chris Patterson, Interchange CEO and Zig Ziglar legacy certified, joins Troy and unloads tons of knowledge. Chris’ story is invigorating and will motivate you to make your visions tangible. He sheds light on finding opportunities, executing visions, overcoming fear and the major impact of Zig Ziglar on his success. If you need an extra push or simply more gas in your engine to keep going, this is definitely the episode for you. Listen in today.


05:40 Always look for opportunity

11:10 Chris’ story from an employee to CEO

14:44 Persistence from Chris’ perspective and tools needed to get past difficult times

29:50 Goal setting and achievement

31:34 Overcoming depression


Connect with Chris Patterson:

Connect with Troy Brown:

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