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EP 15 - Interview with Will Schiller

“If you want a positive life, you can’t plant negative thoughts.”

-Will Schiller

Are you tired of being mediocre? Download this episode to jumpstart your elite path. Will Schiller, professional life coach, and fitness trainer focuses on mental strength, alignment, authenticity and accountability with his clients and today he joins Troy to help get your mind in the place where it needs to be. Grab your pen and pad, because there are loads of tips and actionable instructions you won’t want to miss. Don’t miss this episode, tune in today.


4:41 Will’s mindset principles

7:07 The power of incantations and affirmations

14:17 Taking risks, persistence and Will’s transformation

19:55 Meditations place in your progress

28:55 The difference between implementation and information

33:28 Aligning your life to optimize your results

40:00 The need for coaches and mentors


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