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EP 16 - Interview with John Marrone

“Take 30 minutes for yourself before you take 8 hours for everybody else.”

-John Marrone

This episode of the persistence factor will get you pumped up and ready to conquer the world. Listen in as Troy interviews massive action taker, John Marrone. John shares his story of being broke and incarcerated and how he overcame his circumstances. You don’t want to miss this episode.


4:35 The dark times in John Marrone’s life

17:00 Yea you have a vision board, but do you believe in it?

20:34 Key components to overcome adversity in life

23:48 How John uses the law of attraction

26:46 John’s morning rituals, affirmations with feeling and belief

33:56 A day in the life of John

42:35 How to get out of negative mindset

47:37 John’s tips on being structured with your time

53:00 The number 1 trait of successful people

55:11 What persistence means to John

1:02 John’s best advice to people that are not where they want to be

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