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EP 17 - Interview with John Hodgson

“What the mind can receive and believe, the man can achieve.”

-John Hodgson

In this episode of the Persistence Factor, Troy interviews one of the legends in the world of bodybuilding - John Hodgson. He is here to tell you about his successes and how you can achieve them yourself. He will talk about how he retired but still managed to stay in shape and lead a fulfilling life. In the end, if you are a regular person wanting to get into shape, then tune in, because John will explain how.


4:02 - How John made a lot of other bodybuilders out of shape

8:45 - Getting a pro card

12:44 - The mindset is essential to a bodybuilder

17:28 - Rock bottom moments for John

25:01 - How to achieve success in bodybuilding

33:02 - High-intensity training and classic physique

42:38 - John retiring from bodybuilding and maintaining his physique

51:32 - All the things bodybuilding taught John

59:47 - Getting into shape if you are a regular, busy person

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