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EP 18 - Interview with Elliott Hulse

“Self-confidence comes after self-love.”

-Elliott Hulse

Be still. These words of wisdom come from today’s guest, Elliott Hulse, infamous strong man and host of Yo Elliott! Elliott is a world-renowned coach and author, and on todays show he details the necessity of being still. If you want to achieve meaning and lead a better and healthier life, join us on this episode of the Persistence Factor.


3:01 - The evolution of Elliott Hulse and his core values

10:17 - Developing self-confidence

20:34 - How to deal with anxiety and stress

27:11 - The stillness and how to achieve it

35:45 - Masculine and feminine energy

44:41 - Elliott’s true gift

46:54 - An injury - a blessing in disguise

50:48 - The power of the word ‘No’

54:04 - Elliott’s wife and their journey

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