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EP 19 - Interview with Craig Ballantyne

“True structure brings you true freedom.”

-Craig Ballantyne

Get inspired to achieve whatever you want to achieve in today's episode on the Persistence Factor, where Troy interviews Craig Ballantyne, author, and owner of several successful businesses. He is here to give you his view on structure, discipline, and all the other methods he uses to attain success. But as Craig says, you have to do the work to get the reward!


1:40 - Craig Ballantyne’s story - the transition from fitness to helping entrepreneurs

9:33 - How structure brings freedom

11:12 - How to earn more money - from an entrepreneurial standpoint

15:10 - Craig’s thoughts on discipline

18:28 - The Five Pillars of Success

25:44 - The rituals of Craig Ballantyne

30:20 - Craig want to be a British gentleman

35:40 - “Do the work, earn the reward.”

38:22 - Craig’s next projects

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