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EP 22 - Interview with Cayla Craft

“Stop waiting for motivation. Motivate yourself.”

-Cayla Craft

Today’s show features advice for all areas of life. Troy speaks with Cayla Craft, a self-made millionaire, lifestyle entrepreneur, and owner of Mommy Millionaire. Cayla shares her experience and wisdom as she aims to serve others. Listen in to hear how fears give way to confidence and self-development boosts impact.


2:54 - Cayla Craft’s story

5:28 - Building character and emphasizing personal development

13:08 - Taking risks, building confidence, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

17:32 - Getting things done and systemizing your life and business

22:38 - Taking risks as seen in Cayla’s life

26:01 - Working with a money mindset and getting to the next level

34:29 - Mommy Millionaire, Books, and other resources

37:31 - Moving forward and the benefits of financial freedom

41:25 - Developing non-negotiables and maintaining inspiration through the testimony of your impact

43:50 - Fighting fears and serving others

46:43 - What’s next: Mommy Millionaire Live


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