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EP 24 - Interview with Jonathan Wiseman

“Have fun in everything that you are doing.”

-Jonathan Wiseman

Today’s guest, Jonathan Wiseman of OBF Gyms, Toronto shares his story of persistence. Jonathan did not have a smooth road to walk on. Listen as he shares with us his difficult journey from growing up with ADD, starting as a salesman in the personal training industry, and the hardships he had to face when he started his first gym.


02:45 – Jonathan shares his background growing up

07:29 – How he first started in the personal training industry

12:37 – First tools he developed are around marketing and advertising

17:50 – Jonathan’s father taught him an important lesson in self-reflection

23:55 – Travis Jones’ role in helping Jonathan get through his toughest moments

28:24 – The biggest advice to people looking to open up their very own gym

31:52 – Developing the skill to be positive

34:39 – Jonathan talks about what he’s working on right now and his ultimate vision

39:14 – Leaving a legacy behind


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