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EP 26 - Interview with Brenda Johnston

“You need to pick yourself up and move forward. Stop listening to your subconscious mind...You can create anything you want to create.” - Brenda Johnston

Brenda Johnston talks with Troy about how she has been able to quit her corporate job and start working her “hobby” full time. Brenda told her coach back in January that by October she wanted to be able to walk away from her corporate job and have $20,000 in the bank. Brenda is a High-Performance Coach and is helping people perform on a different level and stop listening to their subconscious mind and blocking them from where we could go. Brenda is working on some books, so be on the look-out.


06:10 - Who is Brenda Johnston

08:15 - Is $15,000 too much to spend on weight loss?

13:10 - Surround your goals with emotions

23:19 - Do you have a belief about money?

36:28 - In order to achieve what you want, you need to become that person.

40:38 - What are the 2 core emotions?

43:50 - Don’t focus on the “How”

50:13 - BASA - Big Ass Scary Action

1:05:22 - Brenda wants to be known as the on that helps people realize that they don’t have to settle


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