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EP 27 - Interview with Jamo Nezzar

“People love when you give them real life.”

-Jamo Nezzar

On today’s episode, Troy talks with Jamo Nezzar, one of the world’s greatest bodybuilder, famous fitness trainer and founder of JimCore Training. Jamo shares how he persists and gain 350k subscribers on Youtube and creates the JamCore application. You will also learn, among other things, two steps if you want to launch your own YouTube channel. This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation. Check it out!


4:50 - Creating your own value, reading the right books and learning from successful people

13:08 - Jamo’s approach to training, where he gets his ideas and how he conveys his content

19:13 - The power of being true to yourself and giving free value content

24:20 - What you should do with your time to be successful and how to handle the people in your team

33:24 - Jamo’s biggest failure and how he recovered from it

39:34 - How Jamo find the right formula for his success in YouTube

44:11 - Two essential steps to do if you want to launch your own YouTube channel

54:58 - What Jamo do to stay in shape, what he can’t tolerate and how he defines persistence

01:09:35 - Finding your source of inspiration and motivation and learning everything you can that will help you in your content and in your business


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