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EP 28 - Interview with Mathew Park

“It takes something really rough, to realize something really good.”

-Mathew Park

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor Podcast is about the story of Mathew Park, the "Small Town Giant." Mathew came from a small town in Alberta and is now living his dreams in Montreal. He is a high-performance coach, motivational fitness speaker, pro-athlete, and entrepreneur. Find out the secret to his success as he talks with Troy on how he achieved his dreams. Mathew shares how he overcame the struggles of moving from Alberta to Montreal and what he did in his youth that helped him become the man he is today.


3:32 - Mathew’s background, his ambitions, and goals and how he achieves it

8:28 - The struggles of moving from Alberta to Montreal

17:00 - How his faith helps him in all his struggles

21:33 - Setting goals and making it happen, and Mathew’s secret to success

26:16 - The efforts he put in personal development and the mindset he has in his youth

29:26 - Mathew’s persistence and what he does when someone doubts him

33:25 - What you should do if you are going through a rough time

35:00 - Mathew’s mission in life to give people hope - plus tips to gain confidence

43:55 - What Mathew aspires to be known as and the people he looks up to

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