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EP 31 - Interview with Stacey Copas

“If we spread ourselves too thin we completely dilute our effectiveness.”

- Stacey Copas

“The Queen of Resilience” is here to show you how to make it through adversity. Stacey Copas shares her amazing story of becoming a quadriplegic how she used that to impact people. Author of How to Be Resilient, CEO of Academy of Resilience, and inspirational speaker, Stacey has taken her adversity and turned it into world impact! Listen to find out how you can be resilient and overcome obstacles by finding your purpose.


3:30 - The perspective of resilience that Stacey has realized and how you can develop it to help you through adversity

11:15 - Going from fear to acceptance: How Stacey reacted to and coped with her life-changing accident

17:10 - The first step to building resilience and taking control of your life when you are at rock bottom and how you can improve your self-perception by being intentional with your words

30:20 - How public speaking has allowed Stacey to influence people and why clarity boosts a person’s confidence and impact

41:07 - Stacey’s journey in Paralympic sports and why she set the bar higher than what she thought she was able to do

54:58 - Entering the acting world: What Stacey has learned from her newfound acting career and why your purpose drives your entire life

1:14:38 - Why resilience needs to be a daily habit, even in your fitness and morning rituals and how

1:22:25 - Why the perspective of impact for Stacey has changed from width to depth and how you can connect with Stacey further

1:30:21 - You need support! How mentors, coaches, and supporters help you through adversity and difficulties

Stacey’s Gratitude Mantra: “Thank you for the opportunity to be who I am, where I am, with what I have at this moment in time. I am grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met. I love who I am and I am excited about the limitless opportunity I have to create the life that I desire and deserve. I am proud of what I do and the impact that it has in the world that only I can have.”


Connect with Stacey Copas:

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