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EP 32 - Interview with Kyler Max

“The difference isn’t if you have the time, it’s if you make the time.”

-Kyler Max

What Kyler Max has done in the last 15 months will blow your mind! Troy found Kyler on Instagram and wanted to sit down and hear his story. Now they are sharing it with you. Kyler had a rough childhood; from doing drugs in the 9th grade to running from the cops to 6 knee surgeries, and now running a 6-figure business. Kyler’s persistence factor goes way above and beyond, so grab a bottle of water, sit down and listen to how this 24-year-old has turned his life around.


5:30 - Kyler talks about his childhood, can you relate?

6:30 - Will you step up to the plate or run when you hit that pivotal point in your life?

15:12 - Do you know the signs of suicidal tendencies?

27:00 - How a change of location helped Kyler with the fresh start that he needed to follow his dream

30:30 - Have you put yourself in a situation to help you grow your future? Kyler explains how he did it

38:01 - Be the hardest working person in the room

42:35 - Worried about how many Instagram followers you have, Kyler shares his secret with you

48:16 - How do you keep your current clients?

1:04:16 - When working with your clients you need to find out the WHY behind the goal

1:06:19 - It’s not that people plan to fail, they fail to plan

1:21:00 - How to help your clients that have hit a roadblock and start self-sabotaging themselves

1:30:53 - Keep an eye out for the Max M3 Supplements that are set to come out the first of January


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Connect with Troy:

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