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EP 35 - Interview with Jose Raymond

“I certainly didn’t peak until I was already past 40 years old. I’m considerably better after I turned 40.”

- Jose Raymond

Today’s episode of The Persistence Factor will inspire you to pursue that thing that you’ve been putting off for a long time. It is never too late to hit the gym or do whatever it is that you want, no matter what age you are. Today’s guest is living proof of that, at age 41 ‘The Boston Mass’, Jose Raymond managed to win the Arnold Classic and place second at Mr. Olympia. Jose talks with Troy and shares how he did it, where his strong work ethics came from, his hero and inspirations. He also gives advice for people young and old that want to try bodybuilding.


4:22 - How to do about a hundred shows in a span of 26 years, the reason behind Jose’s retirement, why he’s not afraid to retire

14:30 - How to prepare and cope with the pressure of competing at the ‘Super Bowl level’

25:52 - What a typical day in Jose’s life looks like now

33:34 - How to handle bashers, haters and insecure people in your life

39:33 - Jose’s advice for young people who aspires to become like him

47:10 - Where Jose’s strong work ethics in bodybuilding came from and how he applies it to other facets of his life now that he’s retired

53:44 - A great and creative way to do workouts even outside your house, what is needed to be good at doing bench press plus Jose’s hero and favorite competitor in the fitness world

01:05:25 - Joes’s advice for people who want to try bodybuilding and get the results they want

01:12:10 - Depression after 40, how to deal with it and Jose’s words of wisdom


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