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EP 36 - Follow Your Bliss

“Only you know what your passion or bliss is. I encourage you in 2019, to get back to your passion.”

- Troy Brown

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What you hear on today’s Podcast will blow your mind! Troy talks a bit about his childhood, his parents, and how he found a love for music. Did you know that Troy was known as a house and garage DJ? He explains why it is crucial for you to find and follow your bliss for 2019. Grab a cup of tea, as Troy would say, and enjoy this podcast.


4:35 - Troy talks about his childhood and where the love of music came from

7:41 - The defining moment when Troy found his bliss/passion

11:04 - Troy was becoming known as a House & Garage DJ

15:02 - We need to follow our bliss to feel better about ourselves and regain our confidence

17:29 - Troy encourages us to watch the Netflix documentary on Ronnie Coleman

21:10 - Get back into your passion/bliss in 2019


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