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EP 38 - Leadership Habits to Build a Legacy with Ryan Hartley

“The power of great leadership transcends more than just work, it goes to the home.”

-Ryan Hartley

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Leading well in the midst of panic or discouragement takes work and practice. If you want to lead well and learn to expertly handle criticism, then you need to listen to this episode. Today’s guest is Ryan Hartley. Ryan founded Always Better than Yesterday coaching to help people lead with personal confidence. Ryan shares how one person’s leadership can affect the world. That could be you. To become a confident leader, you’ll want Ryan’s strategies for personal development.


1:10 - How losing a job and gaining a family helped Ryan start his love for coaching

7:11 - The clouds are not going to part for you: Defining purpose and how you can find your own purpose

13:53 - The psychology of serving others: How your purpose and the mindset of serving others are connected

18:30 - Self-positivity strategies: How you can escape your insecure avatar and step into confidence

Q:26:25/A:38:52 - Finding confidence in the middle of criticism: What you need to do to promote your own positivity and value when you’re being discouraged by others

44:04 - What happens when you understand your purpose, understand good leadership, and understand your legacy

48:43 - Don’t like your environment? When you need to take risks and when you need to change your environment

56:05 - GET EXCITED. Why happiness in your career, family, and environment propels you towards success and impacting others


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