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EP 41 - The #1 Way To Keep Losing Weight with Anand J

“Most people want to lose 20 lbs. a night... 2 lbs. a week times 52 weeks is over 100 lbs.!”

-Anand J

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Do you want to lose weight, but you’re afraid of the stares you’ll get at the gym? Does ‘motivation’ sound foreign to you when it comes to working out? Today’s episode features Anand J, a strength and fat loss coach who lost 125+ lbs. himself! After losing fat and getting strong, he turned his knowledge and experience into a training program.

Anand is here to share the one way you can get into the gym without worrying about judgment. Find out how to make working out actually motivate you instead of discouraging you. Start losing weight through actual weight loss methods instead of the lies other people tell you!


1:34 - Unlike some other tips and tricks, this 1 strategy will always help you lose that annoying body fat

12:49 - You can learn weight loss tactics from the Rocky movies! How you can begin your journey to losing 125 lbs. just by learning from Rocky Balboa

23:32 - Why you don’t have to worry about people judging you for your success… Do the exact opposite instead!

33:17 - Afraid of the stares and judgment that you get at the gym? Having trouble finding the motivation to go? Anand has these 3 things to say to you to get you raring to go to the gym

45:00 - The difference between weight loss and fat loss: How you can legitimately lose weight instead of falling for the LIE of cardio training

55:46 - The #1 most effective way to lose weight in a year: In case you were wondering, losing weight doesn’t happen overnight

1:04:11 - If you’re often unmotivated to work out and get started on losing weight, then you need to hear how Anand can help you use your mind to get your body moving

1:18:10 - Is there one specific diet that works best? How you can personalize your nutrition to create maximum gains


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