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EP 42 - How Meditation Equals Weight-Loss with Alvin Brown

“As I get older, I’m constantly looking for ways to optimize.”

-Alvin Brown

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From morning to night, you live by mental, nutritional, and physical patterns. If you don’t like where those patterns are taking you, then you need to stop and change them! That’s why Alvin Brown wants you to break those patterns and start better ones.

Alvin joins Troy to talk about the mental pause that intermittent fasting and meditation can give you throughout your day. As an entrepreneur and the CEO of The Center for Healing and Peak Performance, Alvin wants to help you unlock your potential. But to do that, you need to ask 2 questions. Find out why you need to use patterns to find your identity, which is when you’ll truly shine in health, business, and life.


2:00 - Injuries can’t stop you. Conquer your training by learning how to flex your mental muscles to work around injuries

19:20 - Have you realized how much eating costs you? Hear why intermittent fasting is your body’s best friend

25:52 - How meditation can help you take control of the unconscious reactions of your mind so that when you get cut off in traffic, you don’t lose your cool and regret your actions

37:38 - Changing your mental health will require you to break up these negative patterns in your life

44:59 - The 3 things that Millennials struggle with most that Generation X can’t relate: Find out how identity plays into your mental health

54:07 - What Alvin says is the #1 strategy in helping you to reach your weight-loss goal naturally

59:39 - Why you can diet successfully and have those cookies you’re craving without feeling bad about it

1:07:50 - There is only one thing between you and the power you need to propel your health and fitness forward. Ask these 2 questions to spark your personal power for success

1:18:33 - Don’t carry regret with you: Why you’re at the right age at the right point of life to do what you want


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