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13 Health & Wellness Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Although it's Tis the Season to be merry and bright....

We know for many, the holidays brings on a lot of stress ON TOP of what they have been experiencing throughout the year. 

We don't know about you, but we've been asked "what do you want for Christmas" and to be honest.... we don't need or want more socks, lotions, trinkets or anything else that I already have too much of, creates clutter or won't use. 

We want things that gives us experiences, opportunities and help me have better health, vitality and wellness.

So we started making a list of all the things we love, love sharing and that has improved our wellbeing as well as our clients.

In our list of 13 health and wellness gifts you can ideas for yourself, someone who is all about vitality, wellness, anti aging or perhaps someone who needs a bit more TLC in their life. 

Exploring different wellness practices isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. And since wellness can take so many forms, there's no shortage of healthy lifestyle gift ideas.

These gifts will help bring some much-needed balance to the hectic holiday season, making it easier for your loved ones to put themselves and their well being (or yourself), first.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed or knows someone who needs a bit more joy in their life, a gratitude journal will help anyone start their day with positive intentions. Getting into the groove of daily reflections and setting intentions in the morning or night can help you wake up with positive vibes and sleep well during the night. Journaling is a great way to bring grounding, self awareness, abundance, and presence into your day to day. 

We are a huge advocate of learning. Whether that's learning a new skill, more about a passion or hobby, education, or simply improving yourself and your quality of life through personal development. Reading provides us an opportunity to be present, visualize, day dream, and gives us a break from the stress of the world. Audible books are easy to travel with and because we carry our phones everywhere, you'll never forget your book. 

Mediation Subscription - Calm

Learn to start your day with intention and peace. Often times we are running around with 100 things running in our mind, scrambling to get out the door on time, starting our day in a state of anxiety. And for most, this is normal. But what would your life, your day to day be like if you were to start connecting with the most important thing first before you start your day - yourself. Mediation is a great way to decrease anxiety, alleviate depression, worry and overwhelm. Alongside many other health benefits. 

Yoga class pass / Float tank passes

Using practices like yoga or restorative services such as float tanks is a great way to balance the mind and body and melt the stress and overwhelm of the day away. Adding a once a week yoga session can bring about states of wellbeing and centeredness. Float tanks are a great way to Relieve stress, anxiety and depression.Reduce chronic fatigue caused by insomnia and jet lag.Stimulate creativity.Accelerate mental clarity and learning.Deepen meditation practices.Soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis.And more.

Meal Prep Services One of the biggest struggles we keep hearing time and time again from my clients and people just like you who are trying to get into shape or want to sustain a healthy lifestyle is finding the time to meal prep or that they hate meal prepping. Why not give someone the gift of experiencing a month of what it's like having their food prepared for them. Once someone has a positive experience and gets to see the benefits of meal prepping, chances are they will continue doing it or at least start doing it themselves because they love how they feel and the results they are getting. We also use a meat delivery service that delivers grass fed, organic meat to our door once a month. Personal Development Event Why not give someone the opportunity to experience something different. An opportunity to help them better themselves, gain new perspective, connect with like minded people and challenge them to grow. Personal development events, like, Tony Robbins, or even smaller more intimate events, is a beautiful gift to give someone because it's probably something they wouldn't do themselves and it shows them that you believe in them, want to see them thriving and happy in life.  Online Course/Class - Udemy We know education might not seem like a great gift but we would challenge you to stay open with this idea. One of the best ways to boost self confidence is through learning and applying new skills. Once we decide that "it's too late" or we are "too old" that's when we start going backwards, life seems boring and we stop moving towards worthwhile goals. Education is available to us in so many ways such as online. It really does make it so easy to learn. Maybe it's time to learn more about a passion you have or perhaps take a self development class or whatever else might interest you. You just never know what positive benefits can come your way from learning something new.  Cleaning Services We don't know about you but we wouldn't be mad if someone were to buy me a few days of house cleaning... and we don't think anyone else would mind either. Could you imagine walking into your home after a busy day, opening the door and everything is sparkling clean? You just got some time back and you know how precious time is and how we all say we need more of it. Having a clean and organized home (and other environments) also helps keep your mind in the same working order. Feel what it's like to walk into your home with less to do and less clutter so you can focus on other things like getting to the gym because now you have the time.  Spiritual Tv - Gaia Is a spiritual conscious network that is a media streaming service where you can access thousands of exclusive content. The topics are ranging from consciousness, transformation, spiritual growth, wellness, yoga, etc. It's like Netflix but for spirituality and personal development. We love Gaia because it helps nourish our minds, creates a better life and grounds us into the person we are becoming. Gaia is a great gift for anyone who is open minded, loves to learn, has a passion for personal and spiritual development or for that person that feels like there is something more to life.

Happy Light When natural light is scarce, especially in the winter and darker months, it can zap our energy and in fact a lot of people notice a change in their mood. Some even experience SAD (seasonal depression) Using a sun light/lamp is a great way to provide your body and mind with a boost of natural light to cue your body's natural energy enhancers, improving mood, energy levels, and concentration. So if you feel your motivation is low, your energy is zapped, and you've lost that little skip in your step, this just might be the thing that could help you or someone you know who experiences SAD. Oura Ring Sleep! One of the biggest struggles (outside of time) that most people complain about is that they don't get enough sleep or wish they had better quality sleep. Getting enough restorative sleep helps you: Manage weight, Stay healthier – longer, Perform at your best, Be more productive, Avoid hangry mistakes and more. We advocate to our client's that getting in shape is great but better sleep and good stress management are just as important. With daily feedback to improve your health, Oura helps you better understand your body and reach your goals. You’ll be guided through an intelligent, data-driven plan to help you improve across the most important aspects of your well-being.

Santevia - Water Filtration (travel or home) Water, most of us need to drink more of it. Why? well other than the fact our body is mostly made up of water our body needs it for daily body functions, it helps with cravings, hunger, cognitive functioning, inflammation and so on. The quality of your water matters. Municipalities deliver water that is filtered and then treated with a primary disinfection to kill any bacteria and viruses. This is followed by a secondary disinfection using trace levels of chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria as it travels to our taps and showers. Although our tap water is considered safe, the public water supplies in most cities in North America still contain trace amounts of contaminants such as disinfection by-products, pharmaceutical drugs and heavy metals (including lead, iron, and copper from ageing pipes). Santevia alkaline water filter will work not just to purify your tap water but also to improve its quality through raising the pH and re-mineralizing your water with trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Not only does this improve the taste of your water, but it also ensures you are getting the mineralized and alkaline water your body needs. Health Services - Online Coaching/PT So this brings me to my final gift idea. You might have been following us for a while, reading our emails, liking our posts on IG and have been wanting to work with us for a while but haven't yet. Or maybe you know of someone who needs help and guidance in getting them to their health and fitness goals but struggles with where to start or who to trust and reach out to. If this is you or you would like to give the gift of health and wellness by working with us through online coaching, We would love to help you either receive that gift or give the gift of health.

We offer:

  1. 1:1 Customized coaching services for training & nutrition.

  2. Virtual Mindset & life coaching.

  3. Virtual Personal Training.

All you have to do is hit the link below or here and let us know if you want to give this gift or simply provide anyone with our email ( to contact us if you want to receive a gift of online coaching.  So there you have it. Our 13 Christmas Gift Ideas to have better health and wellness in 2020.  We hope you find some gifts to give or ideas to give to those who are asking you "what do you want for Christmas" in our suggestions. 

So what are you asking for this Christmas?

Troy & Jasmine :)

P.S. Like these gift ideas, share them with your friends and family and don't forget to hint at the one you would like to recieve this Christmas.

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