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On The Go Home & Travel Workouts

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The gym was a lot quitter yesterday when we went around 4pm but.... an empty gym on a normal day left a very eerie feeling.

As the day went on, the news regarding the Covid -19 only got worse.

Getting messages from our client's all over the world sharing that some areas where they live have closures.

Some are in quarantine. Others have changed very little. Schools are closing and so are the gyms and some removing guess passes.and some concerned that they will be stuck without flights home from their vacation.

A lot of people are on edge, stock piling resources while others are irritated by the overreactions, constant conversations and postings about the virus.

But is it over-reacting or being prepared?

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store to see that the shelves were bare all do to a state of panic and anxiety.

Canned goods, Frozen foods, Cereals, Coffee and yes.......the hand sanitizer and toilet paper were non-existent from one town to the next, leaving us to ask..." is this really happening?" COVID-19 has seemingly changed the world overnight.

Whether you are choosing to isolate yourself from public crowded areas, canceling your vacations, etc., it's your call, but if you decide to stay home from the gym, we want you to have the tools you need to stay consistent and succeed with your goals.

We've gathered some resources for you and we are giving you our On The Go - Lifestyle Home & Travel Workouts for FREE.

Why? our opinion... the stronger and healthier you are, the better your body functions.

Plus we care about you and if it is one way we can help, then we are happy to do so.

Whether you need to perform your best at work, at home, in school or to fight off a virus.

When a global issue like this arises, being healthy is no longer about aesthetics.

It's about protecting and strengthening the home you live in day in and day out.

So, let's keep your goals going and grab your ➡️Free Copy of the Home & Travel Workouts⬅️

Share the sign up link with anyone in your circle of people who will need this or share it to your own personal page.

The truth is, no one can control what happens next. And that gives many of us a feeling of uncertainty that causes stress and if you can, focus on actions and not outcomes.

Wash Your Hands.

Keep Calm.

Stress Low.

And take care of yourself.

Enjoy the workouts,

Troy & Jasmine :)

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