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30 Strategies for Staying on Track with Your Health and Fitness Goals over The Holiday Season

We have a confession

We will NOT be making any low fat, sugar free, artificial sweetened holiday treats.

We will be having the real thing . Probably the kind that "nutritional experts" will encourage you to avoid.

No where in the land of EVER does kale, stevia sweetened cookies EVER replace the real thing.

When it comes to the holidays, we encourage our clients to enjoy the foods they love.

We are not about segregating foods into bad and good foods categories.

We would rather encourage our client's to normalize and neutralize their relationship with food.


Because usually when people embark in their health and fitness journey they already have their own beliefs around what food means.

And they already have some sort of preconceived idea of what they think getting in shape is going to take.

But what it really comes down to is choices and habits.

With the holidays screwing with your schedule, adding in stress and excitement, and all the temptations... The first thing to go is our workouts and eating habits.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can enjoy food, connect with others and be healthy and fit all at the same time.

So no, you don't have to ditch your healthy habits and stop working out over the holidays.

Here are 30 days you can navigate the holidays while staying on track with your health and fitness goals.

Remember, if your general goal is to feel better, maybe lose a bit of winter fluff, have more energy, you don't have to be perfect and just consistent 80% of the time.

1. Keep your holiday meals to 1 plate of food instead of multiple plates of food.

2. Drink mostly water.

3. Thoroughly enjoy your pumpkin pie! Don't feel guilty! The whole guilt thing crushes people.

4. At your holiday party, try your best to strike up your conversations in the rooms with no food. Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Instead of buying more "stuff" for Christmas, invest in items or activities that will motivate you to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Note and name holiday stress.

7. Across the holidays, pick one exercise you would like to improve on: wide grip pull-ups!

8. Engage in some type of exercise/movement 5 days a week.

9. Aim to keep as much of your normal schedule as possible to keep your healthy habits going.

10. Remember food isn't the way to happiness.

11. Help your partner/family/friends prepare meals to insure healthy items are a part of it.

12. Remember the clean slate rule. These are no "all or nothing" choices. Every day (or bite) is another opportunity to get back on track.

13. Find a recipe for one healthy dessert to make and bring to a party.

14. I am going to take some time out to reflect on the year that has gone by and the strides I have made and celebrate your success this far. And think about next year and what I would like to accomplish.

15. Across the holiday period, stay in touch with your support network and people who keep you accountable to what will matter to you after the holidays.

16. Take an "accountability buddy" to food- or alcohol-oriented gatherings.

17. Use visualization ahead of any gathering/situation that may involve temptation and see yourself applying a successful solution to situations that you may endure. This will help you plan ahead, prepare, and stop you from self sabotaging.

18. Instead of making a bunch of holiday treats to give to friends and neighbors, which will fill your house full of stuff that likely won't contribute to your nutrition goals, do good deeds and acts of service instead as your Christmas gifts.

19. Eat to 80%, eat slowly and most importantly enjoy it and get back on track the next day.

20. Weather permitting, get outside for some fresh air. Exercise with a family member or friend, even if it is a casual walk around the neighborhood. It may even peak their interest in living a healthier lifestyle.

21. Do 5 minutes of deep breathing, mind-body scan or meditation before sitting down to eat, leaving the house, etc.

22. Write out a goal card and your top 5 benefits of you sticking to your goal over the holidays, everyday, multiple times a day.

23. Walk more. Skip the elevator, take the stairs. When you are out holiday shopping, walk to that next store on your list, you don't need to drive your car from one end of the parking lot to the other.

24. Focus on gratitude. Remember those who don't have enough to eat. Intermittently throughout the holidays, buy some healthy food and bring it to your local food bank, soup kitchen, house of worship, etc. where the food will be distributed to those who need it. Keep this in mind when you are eating - not to feel guilty that you may have plenty when others don't, but to feel gratitude for knowing that even though you have plenty, you can eat purposely and mindfully..

25. Learn what motivates you and keep going back to that source. If you forget your "why" the "how" become lifeless.

26. Use various methods to provide and stay connected to your motivations: movies, music, images, quotes, people.

27. Expect setbacks, slip ups, hurdles, disappointments, and find a formula to troubleshoot the problem, instead of responding emotionally. Ask: what is the real problem? Then, “What’s solution? And finally, “Who can help me?”.

28. Unhealthy comparison vs healthy comparison. Ask: “what about that person can help me improve or inspire me?”.

29. Find ways to de-stress and renew without eating. Schedule some down time and get away from the “doing” and learn to enjoy just “being”.

30. Have a small taste of each dessert you want to try. Pick the one you rate a 10/10 and have a regular portion of it.

Is there anything else you'd add to this list?

Whatever and however you celebrate, I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the holidays.

If you haven't yet, also don't forget to grab our Healthy Holiday Grub Recipes.

Troy & Jasmine :)

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