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EP 2 - Interview with Chris Powell

“Balance isn’t something you ultimately achieve, it’s something you keep working towards.”

-Chris Powell

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews his long time idol and ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformation Specialist, Chris Powell. Chris shares his amazing transformation story about his battle with addiction and how he was able to overcome it. Also, stay tuned to hear his advice to people that have hit rock bottom.


3:10 The story behind Chris's quest to help 1 million people

6:20 Chris’s rock bottom moment

19:15 How Chris and Heidi met

23:10 Understanding the need for a purpose

25:33 How Chris manages all that he does

30:00 Words of wisdom to someone who is at rock bottom

32:04 Leaning on others beliefs

33:25 Step outside your comfort zone

36:25 What Chris wants to be known for

39:00 Why you should serve others before yourself

41:23 The transformation app

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