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EP 51 - 2 Steps To Colossal Gains Even If You’re 40+ (with Ron Partlow)

“Bodybuilders are at their best when they have everything down to an absolute routine.”

-Ron Partlow

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Getting old isn’t the end of your bodybuilding career. You can still commit to hardcore training and impeccably sculpted muscles. Ron Partlow, an IFBB Pro, and bodybuilding mentor joins Troy in discussing the top methods for muscle training for guys above 40. Ron shares why strength and size are not the same things, meaning you can get lean while still being conscious about your health. Troy and Ron shares how they’ve honed their workouts for precision rather than mass, creating the exact results you are looking for. So jump right in and start winning back your competitive mindset.


3:52 - Start young, get success -- Why you’re never too young to start bodybuilding

10:09 - You might be subject to the generational curse that is ruining your training performance

18:24 - Why heavy weight training at age 40+ is just as fun as driving golf balls 400+ yds

29:53 - The evolution of bodybuilding: How young guys are separating strength from size

40:18 - What you should say when Shawn Rhoden tells you he’s going to lose to you

47:15 - The scientific secret to consistent results, sculpted muscles, and lasting health

54:45 - Fighting for sleep and energy in contest prep? Ron reveals the 2 steps to getting off the couch and into the gym on low motivation

1:02:17 - How Ron has started the hardcore gym revolution and helped to improve gyms around the world

1:11:20 - 2 ways to keep making gains even when you’re past your prime

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