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EP 48 - Prevent 95% of Your Illnesses with This Secret Doctors Won’t Tell You (With Titus Unlimited)

“The true mark of a gentleman is when he puts more into the world than he takes out.”

-Titus Unlimited

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Titus Unlimited is back again to share his wisdom. In this episode, Titus uses his experience as an expert fitness and health coach to help redefine what it means to be healthy. You’ll learn why doctors can help you get well, but they don’t often help you stay healthy. So where do you go to learn about the secrets to lasting health? Good news: Titus and others like him are ready to help. Discover the best ways to strengthen your immune system, avoid harmful foods like sugar and dairy, and use your health to influence future generations. So listen now to uncover how the 23 hours you’re not in the gym actually shape your health.


1:32 - The real consequences of cheat days and why you should avoid them at all costs

12:17 - Sugar, Processed Foods, and Doctors: The layered roadblock between you and your health

20:47 - Status update: How the health and fitness industry is slowly becoming an authoritative voice

30:54 - If you struggle with the victim mentality, then you need to write this one thing down to break free of the limitations your environment gave you and take control of your thoughts

37:44 - The 1-hour you spend in the gym doesn’t determine your health. Titus’s 28-day plan focuses on what ACTUALLY gets you healthy

49:43 - Why 6-days a week might not be healthy for you but find out what the true mark of health and success is

56:00 - Goal-getters and goal-givers need humility: Why you’ve missed an opportunity if your transformation doesn’t inspire others

1:04:34 - Cash in your reward: 2 sources of motivation that will drive you to achieve the most difficult types of success

1:10:57 - The one piece of advice that answers all your questions and problems​


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