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EP 49 - Taking a Holistic Approach to Health for Faster Results with Reece Mander

“Whenever you eat something, you’re voting for the type of person you want to be.”

-Reece Mander

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Are you overworking your body without understanding what’s going on inside of it? It’s time to stop listening to the conflicting information about losing weight and building muscle, and start taking a holistic approach. Reece Mander joins Troy to share why making your body healthy is the quickest way to get real results. Reece is the head coach and owner of Reece Mander Fitness, a five-star personal training gym that’s committed to helping clients meet their goals through training, nutrition, and supplementation. Staying in beast mode won’t do anything for you if you don’t address your stress, gut health, and mindset alongside your work in the gym. If you’re struggling to make progress, Reece is here to tell you why and how you can break the cycle.


7:57 - Staying in beast mode isn’t going to give you results: the consequence of stress and fight-or-flight mode

12:54 - How sleep deprivation affects your body, and why you can’t will-power your way out of it

14:23 - Why you need to get to the root of the problem and get your cells healthy

20:00 - The only way it works is if you do the work: the 23 hours outside of your training

25:22 - The reason you must take a holistic approach to health if you want to see results

33:16 - Are you giving your cells what they need to work? Why you need to get your blood tested and the best way to get supplements

41:57 - How Reece coaches his clients on breathing properly and why Reece and Troy take cold showers in the morning

48:00 - The most important thing Reece wants you to focus on and what you need to ask yourself the next time you eat

50:21 - How to stop the comparison-itis and start making conscious decisions


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