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EP 11 - Interview with Jasmine Perks

“You cannot heal what’s not discovered.”

-Jasmine Perks

Becoming mentally, emotionally as well as physically fit, is no easy task, but Jasmine Perks, body transformation, and lifestyle coach can help with all three. On today’s episode, Troy and Jasmine discuss ways to help you live your best life in your best body, from the perspective of focusing on the inside. This holistic approach will help you understand the importance that mental fitness plays in fostering and sustaining changing behaviors on your transformation journey.


1:50 Jasmine’s journey to self-discovery

13:45 Falling in love with the gym

19:19 Sustaining desired body image and struggle with eating disorders

31:30 The importance of physical and mental fitness

36:05 Advice to overcome eating disorders

41:45 A day in the life of Jasmine

48:48 What’s next for Jasmine

51:38 The purpose of meditation and power it brings

58:24 How to get through difficult times

Connect with Jasmine Perks:

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