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EP 20 - Interview with My Better Half Jasmine Perks

“I’m so glad that Troy is where he is today because now he can share the stories that people don’t know about him.”

-Jasmine Perks

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor is a special one. Troy is joined by his partner and better half - Jasmine Perks. They share, the good, the bad and the ugly about their relationship and how they were able to overcome it. Plus, listen in as Troy lays it all out on the table. He opens up and shares his faults and painful moments in his life.


2:27 - Introducing Jasmine - Troy’s better half

4:55 - Jasmine and Troy’s story as a couple

16:42 - Dealing with the inner child

19:46 - Building a business together

23:45 - A guy should show initiative

25:35 - Helping out and growing as a couple

35:30 - Stepping up and being a man

39:45 - A big announcement - a terrible childhood experience


Connect with Jasmine Perks:

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