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EP 39 - Inside the Diets of Troy Brown and Jasmine Perks

“Have a healthy relationship with all food groups.”

-Jasmine Perks

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Almost everyone enjoys eating, but we don’t always do it wisely. What should you do to fix that? Troy’s better half is back to give you the tips you need to make your diet enjoyable but healthy. As a nutrition and fitness coach, Jasmine Perks reveals how you can use nutrition to get lasting energy. Also, hear why your struggle to lose weight might be a condition you’re unaware of. Join Troy and Jasmine to learn the tools of successful nutrition.


3:06 - Get wise: What dietary patterns and sleeping patterns Troy and Jasmine use to maintain high energy throughout the day

8:19 - The next step to optimal health is found in your diet. Why you need to pay attention to what and when you eat

13:07 - Should you use intermittent fasting? Who should and shouldn’t start using this tool and what it could do for you

17:13 - Why you might be struggling to lose weight. There may be some underlying issues you need to address

19:38 - Want a strategy for your diet? Eat what makes you happy. How you can eat what you want while still being healthy

26:50 - Troy played a soccer game for the first time in 24 years! How he has changed his diet and attitude to achieve more energy while also having fun

29:07 - 3 sentences you need to say to yourself to be a calm and confident leader

31:09 - Don’t let yourself feel trapped. What you need to do if you feel stuck and gloomy in the winter months

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