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EP 40 - The Simple Secrets To Being Healthy Inside And Out With Jason Persaud

The Simple Secrets To Being Healthy Inside And Out With Jason Persaud

“Take care of your feet, take care of your gut.”

- Jason Persaud

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Why does it seem that people in other countries are healthier than people in the US? Is it because of the food they eat? Is it their lifestyle? What can you do to be healthier?

Troy Brown and Jason Persaud talk about these and give you simple lifestyle changes you can do today so you can live a healthier life.

Also, what should you do if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss goals? We answer this question in the “Ask Guvna” segment.

Remember to take lots of notes for this episode because you will learn a lot!


02:30 - Ask Guvna question from Instagram: What should you do if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?

19:00 - Here are simple lifestyle management changes that you can do now

21:00 - Do blue light glasses work and do you need them?

26:00 - What frustrates Jason Persaud with the current trends we have now that are sabotaging our health?

34:00 - What is causing those sugar cravings? What can you do about it?

37:00 - What can you do today to be healthier from a gut standpoint?

40:00 - Is intermittent fasting really effective? Is it really important?

44:00 - Is organic food the way to go?

54:00 - Where can you get more information on health that is not complicated?


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