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EP 44 - 3 Hacks To Making Successful and Purposeful Podcasts with Luis Diaz

“There are no new messages, but there are only new messengers.”

-Luis Diaz

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Starting a podcast requires more than just a microphone and a conversation. To begin expertly crafting podcasts, listen to Luis Diaz. As a podcast marketing expert, podcast producer, and founder of Podcast Domination, Luis thrives by turning podcasts into lucrative solutions. Hear the 3 keys to starting a podcast and 3 mistakes to avoid while doing it. By committing to personal development, you can produce content that matters.


1:32 - ASK GUVNA: Fight fitness jealousy in your relationship with these 3 steps towards unity

12:37 - From American football player to podcast marketing expert: How university failed to lead Luis to success and where he found it instead

20:44 - Why fitness, marketing, and podcasting combined created success for Luis and how he maximized his strengths for profit

27:09 - Starting your podcast: 3 steps to destroying the fear of Imposter Syndrome and the 3 key things that 96% of podcasters fail at

38:22 - Vulnerability is scary, but hear how Luis and Troy use their dark times for other peoples’ success

50:45 - Avoid a negative mindset by changing these 2 things about your feedback intake and perspective on reviews

59:38 - The 2 challenges that you need to overcome when leading other people and where to learn and grow effective leadership and mental toughness

1:09:54 - What Ben Gates does for a week that sets him up for massive success the rest of the year

1:20:35 - To attain lasting success, you’ll need to do 2 things that maximize your time and commitment

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