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EP 45 - Lose 200 lbs With 1 Simple Strategy Every Day with Joseph Keeton

“How you feel about yourself is also how your body is telling you that you feel.”

-Joseph Keeton

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Going from 600 lbs to 400 lbs, Joseph Keeton is happier than ever with his massive transformation. Today, you’ll hear from Joseph shares his secrets to losing 200 lbs even while fighting deep depression. Joseph serves as the pastor of Faith Church in Atlanta, GA, but is also changing lives by sharing his fitness journey. You’ll discover a 3 step game plan to inspire and propel you towards daily success. And if you struggle with negative body image or depression, then you need to listen to this episode. Joseph lets you in on the key to resisting people who put you down and standing stronger than ever.


6:31 - When do you need to take action on your health and weight? What Joseph realized when his scale hit 602 lbs

13:01 - Instead of the scale, use these 2 things to measure your progress so that your mindset and momentum remain consistent

20:45 - How to make weight loss a unifying journey for you and your spouse so that your failures drive you forward instead of stopping your progress

28:03 - Are you truly living? Your weight might prevent you from living & experiencing life. So do this one thing to lose up to 200 lbs with a simple mindset change

35:06 - The perfect example of setting goals: Joseph’s 3 simple ingredients to maintaining motivation for the big picture in the little moments

43:10 - Don’t let snacks cause you to gain 60 lbs of weight. Do 2 things that will decrease your overall caloric intake so you can LOSE weight

52:42 - Combat the negative influences in your life by finding your support. Joseph shares where you can find that support and what you need to believe to destroy your doubts

59:56 - If you haven’t gained motivation for your weight loss journey, Joseph has a vision that will help you get off the couch and into persistence

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