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EP 46 - Becoming a First Class Father and a Transformed Man with Alec Lace

“You’re in the driver’s seat. You can take the pen and write the story.”

-Alec Lace

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What does it take to be a first-class father and partner? As the host of First Class Fatherhood, Alec Lace has interviewed more than one hundred fathers, including Superbowl champions and Navy SEALS, to find the answer. Today he joins Troy to share his journey from self-destruction to mindful parenting, and what first-class fatherhood means to him. Get ready to take notes, because in this inspiring episode you’ll learn how to define your purpose, transform your life for the better, and be present for the ones who matter most.


10:30 - How do you go from self-destruction to self-education? How Alec pulled himself out of substance abuse and got back to the basics.

16:20 - Why it’s important to get and maintain a clear vision of who you want to be as a man.

22:30 - Can we change young men’s negative feelings toward fatherhood? The key factor that motivated Alec to start his podcast.

27:03 - The key characteristics men need to be first-class fathers and partners, and how a man can truly transform himself for the better.

32:00 - Why we can’t use our personal experiences as excuses.

34:01 - How does a man define his purpose? What’s the difference between your purpose at this moment, and your purpose for eternity?

37:00 - The podcast interview Alec found most impactful, and the inspiring story behind his Superbowl press pass.

45:54 - Why aren’t people more resilient? Why is the worse choice always more appealing?

53:40 - How Alec defines persistence, the difference between equal time and equal presence, and reframing regret.

58:31 - Why you need to stop trying to beat the world, and who you should be focusing on instead.

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