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EP 47 - The #1 Lifestyle Hack to Master Adversity (with Marc Lobliner)

“If Mother Teresa has haters… then I’m gonna have haters.”

-Marc Lobliner

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Is your business, family life, or time in the gym struggling? Do you know why? Discover how your values will either build up or destroy every facet of your life. Marc Lobliner joins Troy to share why your lifestyle will determine your success. Marc is the CEO of MTS Nutrition, CMO of Tiger Fitness, a Pro Bodybuilder, Soccer Coach, Father, Husband, and more. Don’t cave to what society says you should be enjoying. Marc shares what will get you REAL success in your marriage, health, and business, and it doesn’t involve Starbucks or couches. If you’re struggling but you don’t know why, Marc knows exactly how to improve your lifestyle to help you develop your Persistence Factor Muscle.


1:23 - The method behind building massive muscles and rich sources of protein as a vegetarian

10:22 - Boost your energy and wake up ready to go through Marc’s #1 way to be healthy 24/7 for 365 days of the year

22:42 - The 2 best ways to train your muscles and be a top-level bodybuilder through the healthiest and most natural strategies

37:05 - Here’s how Starbucks and Healthcare are destroying your chances of having a successful and healthy life

44:10 - Are you letting politics affect you negatively? Marc shares 3 ways your health and gym life are being affected by your political worries

51:56 - The difference between George Clooney and your YouTube channel that has 10,000 Subscribers that should reorient your priorities

57:28 - The one reasons being the dumbest guy in the room is actually a good thing

1:06:26 - To build your Persistence Factor Muscle, you’ll need these 3 qualities of a true role model

1:15:57 - 4 areas of respect that are absolutely necessary in any household and how you can develop that legacy as a father and husband


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