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Going beyond the aesthetics

Is the focus of aesthetics losing its vice-like grip on you?

Is this a good thing? Maybe, just maybe, you are now starting to understand the gift of inner health without being attached to the appearance of the body?

Does this mean we stop all disciplines that got our body to look lean, toned, muscular, or whatever we define being in shape as? My answer, no, not at all. Carry on and keep challenging your capabilities and set performance goals in and outside of the gym.

The root of all enemies lies in complacency.

Complacency Is like a trickster. The trickster resembles a clown waiting with a large pin ready to burst the balloon of our Inner inflation.

My advice would be to look at all facets of fitness.

Try not to put yourself into just one box-like, for example, the muscle-building aesthetics box. Explore, try new and challenging activities.

Go get humbled by an activity that will truly make you stretch and be uncomfortable:

Dance, pick up stones, sprint up the steepest hill, isometrics, 20 minutes of Wim Hof, jump, swim in a cold lake, box for three rounds, stretch your muscles for an hour. How about gymnastics?

The aesthetics train has to stop off at the station called Humility quite often.

We may look or appear to be healthy in other people's eyes but can we move, think and have grace like some of the amazing athletes we see at the Olympic games?


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