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How To Avoid Weight Gain On Your Next Road Trip

A lot of the times travelling is fun. But what isn't is coming back 10 pounds heavier isn’t. Devour these tips and come back no worse for wear and create a mindset of consistency.

1. Avoid Temptation Face the facts; we don’t always eat our healthiest while travelling . It's so easy to eat what is convenient and what's not on your typical menu when at home. When dining out, try this: skip the menu. It’s a given that most restaurants have chicken, vegetables, salad, etc. Request the basics, keep it simple and you’ll thank yourself later. This includes passing on the complimentary bread.

2. Your Attention, Please If you’re driving, you really shouldn't be eating in the first place. But since we’re not your mother or the highway patrol, consider pre-packaged, fresh-cut vegetables protein, and healthy fats. It takes just as long to grab these in a supermarket as it does to wait in line at a drive-thru. No excuses. If you can't stop at a grocery store and the only thing that is around is a gas station, look for foods in it's most simplest forms. Most gas stations have protein shakes, fruit, raw nuts, prepacked boiled eggs or beef/turkey jerky. Focus on what you can have, not what you can't or what's easiest.

3. Switch It Up Opting for room service? When ordering your meal, make sure you get a salad and go easy on the dressing. Eat half your entrée and then fill up on the salad. By making your healthy salad the main course, you’ll satisfy your appetite with lettuce, which naturally makes you feel full and makes you less prone to residual snacking. Remember to add your protein as well. Don't forget to have protein at each meal. It will keep you full longer and keep your energy levels up.

4. Danger: Avoid Dessert! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a newsletter writer, to know that skipping dessert is a good idea when your sitting all day and not moving your. But did you know passing on all that caramel-soaked, chocolate-filled debauchery can actually keep you safe? A filling meal that ends with a sugary dessert can make you feel sleepy and can affect your mood—bad news when driving long distances. Let your passengers indulge. Then make them pay for gas.

5: Drink Up!

The body needs water to survive and is one the simplest things you can do for your body. By drinking lots of water you will ensure that well hydrated, energy up, avoid cravings and eat you eat less. Believe it or not, many of the cravings we have can be satisfied with water. So make sure to drink up.

And lastly, if you are driving long hours and not moving as much as you normally do. Take 15 minute breaks every few hours and stretch your legs. Go for walk and stretch your body. This will increase your energy , up your mood, and avoid aches and pains and a whole lot of water retention.

Safe Travels

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