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7 Key Tips For A Flat Midsection

Achieving a lean midsection is all about fat loss. You can do 1000 sit ups every day and it won’t make any difference because you can’t spot reduce fat plan and simple. Here are 7 great tips for you to help achieve a Leaner and tighter waist in 2018!

1. You Gotta Lift: 

Weight training builds muscle (ladies, please don't freak out), as lean

muscle increases so does metabolism. According to a new study published in Obesity, weight training is better at helping people lose belly fat compared with cardio.

2. Cardio King & Cardio Queen: 

Cardio plays an important role in fat loss. Keep your cardio sessions short (16-20 minutes) and intense. If you are emphasizing fat loss do cardio at least 4-5 times a week after weight training. 

Please note: Warming up before you weight is a good idea but do your intense cardio sessions after you weight train. 

3. Monitor and Journal your caloric intake: You should keep a log of your food intake each day so you can calculate your total caloric intake. Once you establish a starting point you will want to gradually skim calories over time to target fat loss. Also be mindful of food portions and eat till you are 80% full. 

4. Eat your vegetables: Vegetables, especially the green crunchy variety, are a helpful tool for fat loss. When you are following a diet in the lower calorie range, vegetables help you stay satisfied and digesting all that fibre helps keep your metabolism elevated.

5. Don’t crunch your life away: Ab crunches will not trim your waistline. Spend more time doing Planks, side planks and stability ball Jack Knifes. 

6. Eat often:

Small frequent meals throughout the day will help keep your metabolism elevated and aid the fat loss process. Two meals a day wont cut it. 

7.  Throw Away All The Crap:​​

Get a large box from Costco take it home and go in your kitchen, open up your fridge and kitchen cupboard and throw away all junk food!! This one is huge. If you this we know you have a made a REAL DECISION to do this!

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